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Travel & Vaccinations

Many people choose to travel these days to all sorts of exotic places. Trips to far away destinations are increasingly popular and the cost plus faster transport make it feasible for many who were previously excluded from such activities. The number of different adventurous type trips is also on the increase. This is all good news, however, with such diversity, the risks of travel to your health is increased and this makes the appointment with the nurse more complex. We cannot undertake to do this work as an emergency and often vaccinations have to be given in advance to be effective. It is therefore important that you seek advice at least 8 weeks prior to travel. Patients are advised that it is their resposibility to ensure they book the appointments with the required notice. The Surgery will decline requests with less than 8 weeks notice.

Travel Vaccinations offered by the surgery.

Hepatise A, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio.

The Surgery will need to perform a risk assessment so we can give you the relevant advice and decide which vaccines are required. As this work is time consuming and needs to be done accurately we need to know about your travel itinerary and any significant aspects of your past health. Please fill in the attached form fully and bring it to your appointment. When we have this information we will ordinarily be able to provide all the necessary vaccinations and advice within one appointment.

We also recommend referring to the following website for further advice where possible.


Please fill in the attachment and drop into the Surgery.

Travel Health Questionnaire Leaflet 2014